Sarah's Reiki Story


I discovered Reiki a few years ago when I had a mysterious pain in my back which no one could explain.  I underwent numerous medical tests that proved I was perfectly healthy.  I began to feel frustrated because I knew something was wrong.  That was when I met a Reiki practitioner.  She explained Reiki to me, and I decided that I needed to think outside my normal medical protocol.  I decided to give Reiki a try, and after one session the mysterious pain was gone.  I decided I needed to find out more about Reiki


After completing Reiki I and II, I severely herniated a disc in my back and had significant nerve damage down my leg.  I had immediate surgery and began recuperating at home.  I practiced self-Reiki every day and made a rapid recovery, much to the surprise of my surgeon and physical therapist.  This experience motivated me to finish my training and become a Reiki Master/ Teacher so that I could help people in similar circumstances and teach others the wonder of Reiki.