I have had the honor of learning Reiki I and II from Sarah.

What a pleasure it has been!

She is kind, easygoing and very thorough in her teaching.

Reiki has definitely changed my life by making me a much more centered and calm person.

For the past 3 months, I have been teaching yoga to teens with substance abuse problems.

It has been quite challenging!

The kids were withdrawn and unresponsive to any suggestions I had for them.

One day, one of the girls asked if I would try some Reiki on them.

Well the transformation has been astounding!

The girls are much more relaxed,happy and engaging.

They are so full of life now.

Thank you Sarah for the gift of Reiki!

~ Lisa 

I have known Sarah as a teacher and a friend for a number of years.  Her personal transformation when she found her life's dream - in Reiki - was beautiful and inspiring.  I was looking for a way to bring that kind of peace and joy into my life so I attended her class on Chakras and then her Reiki 1 class.  Both were informative and fun.  I practice self Reiki every day now and I am amazed at the physical and emotional benefits I receive from this simple yet effective practice.  I will definitely being attending more of Sarah's classes.

In Love & Light,


Dear Sarah, 

   GOD never makes a mistake. He places people in your life at the right time, for the right reasons. When I first met you several years ago, 

you came to my office for Physical Therapy. We both realized in the first 2 visits that the real reason we met was much more powerful than just rehabilitating you after your surgery. 

 Over the past few years of getting to know you, exchanging sessions with you, then taking Reiki 1 and 2 with you, it continues becoming clearer to me that this was a "meant to be" relationship. 

 You have a true GOD given gift. We, in the energy healing world, are blessed to call you a friend and colleague, as well as a fabulous healer and teacher. 

  You followed your guides' wisdom by leaving your "safe" full time job, in order to create your future. 

  As you know, when you put trust in your guides to lead you in the right direction  at the right time, buckle up, because you are in for the ride of your life!!! 

  I am thrilled that you have had the strength, courage and support to "follow your dreams" 

  I look forward to continuing to both work with you and learn from you. 

                                                                                                              Love and   Light, 

                                                                                                              Gail T Henderson MS,ATC-R, PT,CCRP, HT-A, Reiki 1 & 2 

I have known Sarah for just about a year now, having met her in a Shamanic Reiki class at the Omega Institute. I love this lady!! We worked together several times during the course of that week holding space for each other's learning, growth and healing. I appreciated so many things about her that week, particularly the way she was present in a way that made me feel supported and open enough to tell her anything. Simply put, she was there for me when I was releasing some big stuff and I know it was because she held that safe space for me to do it. 

I also had the supreme pleasure of taking her class "What the Heck are Chakras Anyway?" recently to observe her teaching style. What stood out was how accessible and open she was in sharing her own experiences. She is the type to lead by example and experience which tells me she "walks her talk". She is a healer, a healed healer, in fact.. and that makes her the REAL DEAL. She is a warm, joyful spirit who is relatable, compassionate and kind. I look forward to each moment I get to spend with her!!

Kate A.


Sarah Geagan I don’t even know where to start!  In a few moments after meeting you I was so comfortable I was sharing so much more than I was even aware was going on. It felt like I finally met someone who understood me instead of thinking I was ready for the coo coo's nest.

You are a wonderful practitioner and teacher of Reiki. I continually receive outstanding support and mentoring, they are just what you need when you are looking to learn everything about Reiki.  I'm now well on my way to understanding and stepping into my true purpose.

I know the truth about you, that you are a strong powerful woman with many gifts to offer and it is truly a honor to know you.

Thank you for everything!

Kathy K


Reiki ain’t just Reiki with Sarah Geagan!  You are transported to a higher level of healing!  She’s goooood!!!!!

 Cathy S.

Courage, our dog, starting walking up to Sarah about six months ago and sitting beside her. Then she would place her head under Sarah's hand and direct Sarah's hand down to her lower back. Unbeknownst to Sarah at the time,Courage has three fused vertebrae in her lower spine, which sometimes causes her discomfort. As Sarah would perform reiki, Courage would stay completely still, and when she was done, she would shake, walk away, and clearly feel a little better. We have witnessed Courage "ask" Sarah for reiki many times since. Often it is when she is outside, no where near us, and sees Sarah come across the street from her house, or through our yard on her way home. Cool stuff!

Our 14 month old son was diagnosed with coxsakie virus a month ago. He was clearly in an enormous amount of pain, which he could not verbalize, and was inconsolable for days. His fever was high, and he broke out in blisters all over his body. We treated him with Advil and Tylenol, but the pain never seemed to subside. I called Sarah about two days in and she came and spent a half hour with Maxx. He walked around the living room and Sarah did some reiki from where she sat, pinpointing his pain in his stomach and on his bottom where the blisters were the worst. Maxx was not confined to the living room, but stayed there for almost the full half hour. When he was done he smiled for the first time in two days, and by the evening his fever was gone, and the blisters were drying up the following day. Thank you Sarah!!!!



Dear Sarah,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you just how talented you are. I have been involved with healing energy work for several years now and have had many wonderful opportunities to work with very talented healers.
I knew immediately after meeting you that you had special talent. Your energy is fabulous, your aura is bright, and your intuition is spot on.
I look forward to our sessions. I'm grateful for you adding a 90 min session because time flies when I'm on the table.
I look forward to referring more clients to your expanding practice.
We are blessed to have you in town.

Gail T Henderson ATC-R, PT, CCRP



Knowing absolutely nothing about Reiki, I simply shared in Sarah's delight and offered her congratulations when she told me she had become a Reiki Master, and of course, in a similar urge to encourage her, agreed to a session, open minded, but clueless.  Boy, was I amazed.  Given the fact that her hands never or rarely touch my body, I was astounded at the fact that, eyes closed, I knew where her hands were at any given moment.  I can feel the energy.  A Reiki session is like a really good deep massage without the occasional painful deep fingers.  I leave every time feeling serene and relaxed, ready to cope with whatever comes my way for the next week.  I love the fact that she asks me to come with an 'intention' for each session.  Sometimes my intention (or better put, my need) is spiritual and sometimes physical (I'd like to experience a greater sense of energy or well being, or I've been having some pain in my lower); back are both met with results.  So, go, with an open mind and the knowledge that you will feel wonderful when you leave.