Raising Sensitive and Empathic Children 

Today’s children are increasingly more sensitive to energy.  During this workshop, parents, grandparents and teachers can learn how this sensitivity can affect our children.  It will include strategies for adults to help create conducive living and learning environments. The workshop will also include visualization techniques and practical methods that adults can teach children in order to help the child navigate his/her energetically challenging environment.  



What the Heck are Chakras Anyway?

An introductory workshop about the human body's energy centers and how they relate to your mind, body, and spirit.


Spring Clean Up for the Body and Soul 

with Clinical Nutritionist, Martha Pickard Palmer, CNS

a collaborative workshop discussing gentle ways to support detoxification pathways in the body, mind and spirit.

With Martha learn about the liver’s role in hormone production, immune system and digestion and make

v  Nourishing recipes

v  Safe herbal medicines

v  Easy, non-toxic skin care products

With Sarah learn how to release that which doesn't serve you through:

v  Visualization

v  Movement

v  Affirmation

v  Ceremony